October 13, 2018 BAXWAR_daniel

Idaho Division Meeting Pictures

   The first few pics are of the patching of the new table members. From right to left, you see Dusty, Adam, Raven and Dice. The next image is the Dimes division, with Dice, then our recruit Raquel, followed by Raven. It’s Raquel’s first meeting so she’s starting her 90 days. The following image is from the Warriors, showing Adam, Dusty and recruit David/Craze, who is through 60 of his 90 days so far. Then the image after that is the Idaho division table members. From right to left, you see Dusty, Dice, Raven and Adam. The last image includes our last recruit, Jacoby, who is also starting his 90 days. From left to right: Jacoby, Dusty, Adam, Raquel, and Dice. Raven was taking the picture.
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David/Craze – Instagram (that.kid.mop)