July 5, 2019 BAXWAR_daniel
“Burn The Beat” is a monthly series of cyphers. Some artists gather and “rap” one after the other on a previously defined beat. What sets us apart from the thousands of cypher projects available on the web is that, first, unlike the others, in “Burn The Beat”, the soundtrack changes for each artist. Second, usually the audio is recorded in the studio and then a video clip using that audio. We, the audio and video are recorded live, leaving less room for error and demonstrating the true talent of each artist. Finally, there is no pause between each artist. It’s a video “One take”. There is no editing to show the raw talent of each artist. https://www.youtube.com/BurnTheBeat https://www.facebook.com/BurnTheBeatCypher/ https://www.instagram.com/burnthebeat/  
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