Our walk this year is in Peachland on May 25th, but there are MS walks worldwide that I encourage others to do. If someone would like to do one in their area, I can try to find the closest one, or join my team and do your own walk elsewhere.
Why we do the walk…..

Our Dime DL Billie’s MS Story

For years I struggled with tremors and shaking, in constant pain. My family doctor at the time said I was just overweight. I was 310 lbs. at that time, so I was overweight but that wasn’t the problem, that was 1994. I struggled for years with my weight and the shaking and pain.

I was working in a Summer Camp kitchen in 2010 and by the end of August I started losing my right side, first my face, then my right arm then hand then leg then foot. It was over 6 weeks that this happened, so they were sure it wasn’t a stroke,

My new family doctor order a large amount of test, blood, CT scan and finally on Oct 27 had my MRI and on Oct 29, 2010, I was diagnosed with MS. I was told it is Relapsing Remitting and I may or may not get out of the wheelchair or gain back my right side.

Fast Forward 13 years
Since then, I also have been diagnosed with Arthritis, Bursitis and PTSD, still in pain daily but I take nothing for it anymore, nothing works. Essential oils and a positive mind help. Most recent MRI shows that there are a couple new ones, and the 3 existing ones are shrinking(Yaaaay)
Took me about a year to get out of the wheelchair then used a walker for about 2 more, Now, I walk, run, bike and swim as often as I can. Never know if or when I won’t be able to again.

Live life now and love everybody everyday like it’s your last. The power of positivity is real.

Hugs, Luvs n Axes