Global Fundraiser and charity event Battleaxe Global Australia Division

"Too many of our high school kids are unfortunately going without simple things like back packs, stationary a drink bottle and proper note books.
Battleaxe Global Australian Division is asking for everyone that is able, to put together as many backpacks as we can to donate to your local high schools.
Items needed-
•pencil cases
•drink bottles

Backpacks will need to be ready for the first day of term next year and if possible to be delivered when the teachers go back to school to prepare for the new year before the students start back.

Every child deserves to have the best start to high school as possible and something as simple as this could change a child’s whole outlook on school and furthering their education.

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact our Division’s page or me directly!"

Thank you and axes up!