[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css_animation=”fadeIn”]The 7 Traditions are written in such a manner as to ensure the integrity of the group through that of the individual. Our commitment to ourselves and our commitment to Global are one and the same and show no distinguishable difference.

  1. Our PRIDE shall be well known. It shall never allow another individual or organization to belittle us, our Movement, or another Member without being addressed, nor shall it ever be so immense that we act foolishly based purely on our pride. In this, it shall never be true that we are weak.
  2. Our LOYALTY shall be unwavering. We shall never turn our back on another Member nor shall we ever speak ill about or otherwise disgrace another Member of Global. In this, it shall never be true that we are irresolute.
  3. Our RESPECT shall be universal. Until we are shown without question that another individual or organization is completely without merit, we shall maintain a high level of respect. In this, it shall never be true that we do not deserve our own.
  4. Our HONESTY shall never be circumstantial. Tongues are not for biting and regardless of our audience our statements shall reflect the whole truth of the matter. In this, it shall never be true that we are deceitful.
  5. Our GENEROSITY shall be apparent. Our community extends beyond our Membership and we recognize no borders relating to age, gender, ethnicity, location, wealth, health, skill, knowledge, or social status. We give at every opportunity. In this it shall never be true that we are greedy.
  6. Our ATTITUDE shall remain positive. We refuse to allow life to happen around us and instead believe that with perseverance and unbending determination our goals become realities and barriers become springboards. In this, it shall never be true that we are pessimists.
  7. Our EFFORT shall be tireless. We recognize a need to be diligent in all of our affairs as individuals and as a unit alike. In this, it shall never be true that we are inactive.

We feel no need to actively enforce The 7 Traditions. They are not part of our Code of Conduct, but stand as virtues expected in each of us. We all possess a self-awareness that more than sufficiently acts as a moral compass. With this, and the unity of Global, The 7 Traditions shall remain forever intact.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]