TODAY @ 3:00PM PST, IT’S The Axe Mode Podcast SEASON FINALE

This show has done great things not only for myself and Mr. East, but we have had the opportunity to bring on a lot of artists from both brands and we both appreciate y’all so much for tuning and and to the artists that joined us THANK YOU!! Much love and respect to y’all and we hope to see some of y’all on the show next season

The Axe Mode Podcast will not be going anywhere, we are taking a seasonal break to update some facets of our show and ensure we can bring you a bigger even better show next season

IF YOU want to be on The Axe Mode Podcast Season 2, feel free to message our page, or you can email, or you can message Trevor Young or Micah Moses Miller directly

We will still be uploading new content weekly, as well as reposting our old episodes that some of you may not have seen yet! Follow us on our new Instagram @theaxemodepodcast as well as our new YouTube Channel @The Axe Mode Podcast

Once again, thank you all for the support and tuning in each episode and we hope to see you @ 3:00PM PST TODAY when we have Battleaxe Global Bossman Rocco Dipopolo on with us, as well as one of the Grind Mode Cypher front man, and host of the Sunday Night Grind, Andrew Ayok Plante

THANK YOU TO EVERY ONE IN Battleaxe Global who has shown us support and rocked with us for Season 1 and we hope to see and interview some of y’all for Season 2, we are also open to pre recording interviews if that works better, just let us know!
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